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Cooling / meatballs

Cooling / meatballs

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I was proud of myself that I managed to make meatballs here in France too :), I have a very good recipe from a friend from Romania, so I will post it here until the winter passes :)

  • 2 pork legs,
  • a piece of smoked raw ham (about 300 grams),
  • I found 3 smoked mouse rolls,
  • 400 grams of lean pork (I only leave lean meat after straining meatballs),
  • a sectioned beef bone with marrow (preferably the foot whistle)
  • I also put some vegetables: 2 small onions,
  • a carrot,
  • a piece of celery root,
  • 2-3 bay leaves,
  • a few peppercorns,
  • a few cloves of garlic (to taste),
  • salt,
  • enough water to cover the meat in the pot with a palm width.

Servings: 6

Preparation time: over 120 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Cold / meatballs:

I used smaller quantities because I didn't do much, if you make a larger portion, double the quantities generously.

Preparation: I built the washed and clean meat and vegetables in a large pot and I poured enough cold water to pass with a palm width over the meat, I put the bay leaf, pepper and a little salt and I put it on high heat until it started to boil . Since the first boil, I put the stove (the middle one) on the back eye at least and let it boil extremely slowly for 4-5 hours. Foam at the beginning whenever foam is collected, boil without a lid and do not fill with water. It must be boiled slowly, so that only a boil can be seen. When the meat comes off the bones and the juice we taste is sticky on the lips it is ready. You can also test by putting a few drops on a saucer and if it sticks quickly to the refrigerator it is ready. A few minutes before taking it off the heat, add the garlic made with the press and season if necessary, to taste. Strain carefully and place the small pieces of meat in small pots, over which we pour the liquid soup. Leave to cool and refrigerate for 12 hours. It caught immediately and I had no problem turning it over from the bowls on the plate. It was a super recipe, next time I will make the same recipe. Serve decorated with paprika.

Moldovan colds are delicious. To prepare this recipe, wash your legs, stump, pork ears well and put them whole in a large pot (preferably a tall pot). Vegetables, potatoes, garlic, onions are cleaned and boiled together with the pork products. Then add salt, pepper and delicately. Put enough water to cover them very well, about 7-8 cm above them. Put a lid pulled a little aside from the pot, and put everything on low heat, as low as possible. Let it cook for 5-6 hours, until all the meat comes off the bones. Do not stir in the pot or over high heat. Otherwise the juice will be cloudy and the colds will no longer be clear.

When the meat has almost come off the bones, check the juice to see if it sticks or not, ie if it gels. Take a little with the spoon on top, from the pot, and put it on a plate, which is cooled and then checking its condition. If you think it doesn't gel enough, it can quickly dissolve in a little juice, an envelope of gelatin. Then pour the dissolved gelatin over the entire amount and leave it on the fire for another 2 minutes.

When everything is ready, remove the meat, being careful not to disturb the juice. Remove from the bones and put in bowls, plates or in which dishes you want to use. Strain the juice with the polish over them very slowly. Let everything cool until the next day.

Ingredients for the garlic meatball recipe

- 2 pork legs
- 4 cloves of garlic
- a celery
- a medium carrot
- a parsnip
- a pork tenderloin
- salt and pepper to taste.

The traditional meatball recipe, like at home mom. What you need to do to make your cold perfect

Piftia is, as the late Grand Master of Romanian gastronomy said, the journalist and writer Radu Anton Roman, "the happy wife of Christmas". The traditional recipe for a "cold", as they say in Moldova for meatballs, is mandatory for the feast next to the Christmas tree to be perfect.

Every housewife says she knows how to make meat. And he does. According to dozens of recipes, each with deep roots in the local tradition. From the Wallachian meatball, to the Moldovan “cold” and the Transylvanian “aitura”, so named because garlic is also called “ai” in Transylvania.

Fanatik offers you a variant to help you prepare the most perfect…, excuse the pleonasm, meatball / cold / traditional style. From pork, even if the birds in the yard, led by the proud turkey, claim their presence in the composition "Merry Christmas Wife" .

Pork chill or pork meatballs

Among the favorite dishes with pork are these pork chill or pork meatballs.

They usually prepare for Christmas and the winter Santa Claus holiday.

At Moșii de iarnă, new vessels with pork meat are distributed in our area. But those who do not like pork prepare colds and poultry.

We prefer, detachedly, the pork ones.

We actually like meatball juice and less meat.

It comes out very tasty and gelatinous, with an intense garlic taste.

Pork meatballs / Pork chills

Put the pork broth in cold water and leave it for 2-3 hours.

Prepare a tall bowl in which you place the pork tenderloin and chop, then pour the water that reaches about 6 cm above the meat. The water put in now will be the only one you can put in the pot, you can't add it along the way.

Bring the pot to a boil and bring to the boil. Collect the foam whenever it rises to the surface.

Turn the heat to very low and put a lid on the pot, but leave it aside so that steam can come out.

After 2-3 hours, put the well-washed carrot with the brush, the well-washed roots and the cleaned onion.

Add the bay leaf, pepper and salt to taste.

Let it continue to boil, over low heat, for another 3 hours.

The cooking time differs, depending on the thickness of the brisket, the cooling is ready when the meat falls off the bone and the water is reduced to about half of the initial volume.

You can check by putting 2-3 tablespoons of liquid in a cup. If after 15 minutes the liquid closes easily, you can stop the fire.

Remove the meat and roots from the pot and let it cool.

Meanwhile, strain the juice and gather the fat from the surface.

Prepare dishes for meatballs, place slices of boiled carrot, a few green parsley leaves and evenly distribute the meat in pots, broken pieces, both brisket and chop.

Take the fat from the mouse, cut it into pieces and put it in the dishes. I made it in 4 jars of about 600-700 ml.

Peel the garlic, grate it and put it in a colander.

Hold the strainer over the bowl with the juice and, with a polish, pour the juice into the strainer. This way the juice will acquire the garlic flavor without introducing it into the liquid. Press lightly with a spoon over the garlic so that the aroma comes out well in the juice.

Strain the juice again, taste again and adjust the taste of salt and distribute it in the dishes in which you put the meat.

Let the dishes cool for a few hours, until the juice is well set.

If you want, you can turn the meatball on the plate, first loosening it easily with a fork or a spatula.


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